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Nail Services

– Dip Powder
– Reg Polish
– Tip Add On
– Dip Powder With Tips
– ART French Tip
– Nail Shape
– Gel Set French Tip
– Reg Fill
– Long Nails
– Dip Powder With French Tips
– Reg Set
– Nail Art
– Gel Polish Fill
– Extra Manicure $10
– Gel Polish Set
– Chrome Nails Art
– Ombre Set
– Nail Take Off
– Nail Repair
– Ombre Fill


– French Gel Toes nails
– Gel & Nails Take Off
– Regular Hand/Toes Polish Change
– Basic Pedi With Gel
– Hot Rock Add On
– Reg Mani
– Gel Add on Service
– Gel Polish Change
– Happy Feet With Gel
– Gel Remove Polish Change
– Deluxe Detox Volcano With Gel
– Lavender hot rock Pedicure deluxe
– French Toes/Hand Polish Change Gel
– Gel Mani
– Lavender Hot Rock With Gel
– Basic Pedi
– Gel Manicure with French
– Nail arts
– Gel Manicure W french


– 2Cute basic pedi

A pedicure is a comprehensive treatment of your feet and is suitable for both men and women. It involves cutting, trimming and shaping of your toenails. Tending to your cuticles, exfoliating, hydrating and massaging your feet, if desired painting toenails

– Happy feet 4-1

Relaxing while having your pedi done. Soaking sea salt and amount of sugar scrub and massage gently to exfoliate skin and mask with oil to help renew the texture of skin. Treatment that enriches skin with key ingredients to give your feet much needed nutrients….

– Volcano Deluxe

Add volcano crystal into warm water immediately Activator to begin bubbling volcano eruption. Allow feet soaking the solution will detoxify swelling feet reduces stress with fine scrub that leave skin silky and moisturized while collagen diminishes .this treatment detoxifies impurities from skin and also improves circulation…

– Jelly pedi add on

Jelly pedi is a foot of spa treatment that uses a jelly made from natural extracts and essential oils Jelly like fluid that hydrates and exfoliates the skin and reduces swelling and sore feet

– Deluxe Luxury combo

Spa pedi at its finest luxurious treatment along with an exfoliating scrub to remove dead skin cells followed by a hydrating to moisturize your legs and feet. This deluxe services also includes a hot stone and foot massage with lavender oil that help the blood circulating and paraffin wax wrap around your foot

– Paraffin add on

A paraffin wax treatment is a therapeutic and cosmetic procedure that produced and transport mois to the produce on a deep muscular to help relieve symptoms of arthritis and other joint issues..

– Gel polish add on

A gel polish is thicker than ordinary nail polish. The primary feature that lasts longer few weeks the result is high shine nails with по chipping and dry instantly

Kids Menu

– Gel polish Kid
– Upgrade Kid Service
– Kids Hands Polish
– Kid from age 10 yrs above
– Kids Toes Polish
– Kid from age 5 yrs under
– Kid Reg Pedi & Mani
– Kid from age 5 yrs above
– Kid Pedi & Hand Gel Polish
– Kid from age 8 yrs under
– Kid Service
– Kid Mini Pedi
– Kid pc Gel Nails/Toes
– Kid Pedi & Mani w Gel Polish


– Upper Lip
– Nose
– Side Burns
– Brow Waxing
– Under Chin Waxing
– Man Brow Waxing
– Cheeks Waxing
– Whole Face Waxing